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My life is a beautiful swirl of colors and flavors. First, I’m a mother to four AWESOME kids. I’m a Real Estate Agent, an author, and an advocate for children with special needs. I'm what you would call a "Connector of people and ideas" which in turn has lead me to Consulting in all areas: from Design & Staging to  Branding & Marketing to Event Coordinating & Travel, I have something to say about it all. I love my family and I think my orange, '78 VW Bus, Gilly, is the best thing since ice cream and cookies. I live a very busy life and because of that, travel is not only essential, but the desire bleeds from my soul. It is my escape and therapy; a way to recharge and help me

 gain the perspective I need to be the best version of myself.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to stay awhile.  

- Lissette ( Settie    )

www.lissettelent.com | www.redglasses.org

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Hydra, Greece
Little Italy, NYC
Napa Valley, CA
Bozeman, MT
Boston, MA
Rome, Italy
San Francisco, CA

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