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Boulder, CO: solo

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

“OMG, I’m here! Now what the hell do I do?” That is the text I sent to my best friend as I got off the plane at Denver International Airport. This was my first ever solo trip and when I say “solo”, I mean ALL BY MYSELF.

“OMG, I’m here! Now what the hell do I do?”

A few months before I had made the decision a trip away, ALONE, sounded amazing. Time to unplug, read, write, reflect, maybe gain some perspective and set some goals for the coming year. I had a credit for Southwest Airlines, so it all sounded like a perfect plan; but now, where to go? I wanted to go somewhere that I would be inspired by nature and creation, so of course, Colorado just made sense.

Bags in hand, I headed to get my rental. I had NO IDEA what was on my agenda because, well, I didn't make one. Besides my hotel and car, I was completely winging it: which sometimes is the best kind of trip. Thank you Budget Rental guy for the FREE upgrade, but what in the world was I going to do with a convertible in Denver, in January? "I'm going to take the top down, put on my jacket and BLAST the heat!"

Boulder is about an hour drive from the airport and the entire time I drove in awe at the landscape that welcomed me. I honestly couldn't help but smile at the passenger in the seat next to me. That passenger, was my HUGE suitcase that wouldn't fit in the trunk or the back seat! HAHAHA!

Hotel Boulderado is somewhat of a city landmark which made it my hotel of choice. Built in 1908, some floors are even rumored to be haunted. This lovely hotel boasts the perfect mix of elegance and historic appeal, complete with an antique elevator run by an operator. Serious heart eyes!

Guys...Pearl Street Mall is just too cool! The best of everything; including street performers and just one block from Hotel Boulderado. I loved being in the heart of this cute, little downtown area. I even took an electric bike tour through the historic district (I'm such a house nerd), saw JonBenet Ramsey’s house, through the Colorado University campus, along Boulder Creek and up to the Flatiron trailheads. With everything Boulder has to offer in scenery and atmosphere, the food and local beer are to die for. Boulder is the perfect mix of cute and quaint with a twist of cool and urban. Check out the links below for some of my favorite hot spots.

On my last day I decided to leave town and go for a drive up the mountain toward a small town called Nederland. I wanted to get lost somewhere in solitude to just write and reflect. As I drove through the windy mountain roads, I literally found myself laughing out loud. I know that sounds "a whole lot of crazy", but honestly people, I was just in total awe of the beauty that encompassed me. I veered off on a dirt road that lead me to the spot I had been hoping for. I sat for almost two hours, soaking up my glorious surroundings. After deciding to continue my exploration, another hour of driving, landed me in Evergreen. Oh my goodness, from the elk on the side of the road just chilling at the hardware store, the people ice skating on the frozen lake and then the incredible creekside winery where I enjoyed a glass of wine and brie; my trip couldn't have had a more perfect ending. I have to say; I make pretty good company :)


My favorite Eats, Drinks & Fun

Brunch/ Coffee

Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Lucille's Creole Cafe

Foolish Craigs Cafe

Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse


The Kitchen - Upstairs

Jax Fish House

Drinks/ Live Music

The Post Brewing Co.

License No1

Creekside Cellars - Evergreen, CO

Bike Tour

Pedago Electric Bikes

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